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Dustless products

PVA Foam Wiper
PVA Foam Wiper
PVA Foam Wiper Features: PVA foam wiper is hard when dry. It has excellent absorbency and high cleaning efficiency. It gets extremly soft when wet
Cotton Wiper
Cotton Wiper
Cotton Wiper Features: 1. Great abrasion,heat resistance and highly absorbent. 2. Special ultrasonic sealed edges minizing particle counts.
Polyester and Microfiber Wiper
Polyester and Microfiber Wiper
Our polyester and microfiber wipers provide innovative cleaning solutions for contamination control in regulated and controlled environments.
Rolled Wipers
Rolled Wipers
Our Rolled Wiper is developed for satisfying the demand of the LCD industry,size is flexible, can be tailored according to the requirements of the customer.
SMT Rolled Non-woven Wiper
SMT Rolled Non-woven Wiper
Surface Mount Technology Rolled Non-woven Wipers 
Our LDPE Bag is made from 100% low-density polyethylene which deisgned for packaging use in cleanroom environments such as laboratories and medical manufacturing.

About Suorec

Guang Dong Suorec Technology Co.,Ltd ( NEEQ: 831476) was established in 2001. We have more than 20,000 square meters with over 10,000 square meters allocated to class 10/100/1000 cleanrooms . We are a large-scale modern private technology enterprise integrating manufacturing, scientific research, trade and service. We have four subsidiaries, two branches and seven operating departments . We offer customized cleanroom solutions to meet our customers ever evolving cleanroom requirements .Our products have been rigorously tested by many well known companies and have been selected by manufacturers in the fields of disk drive, semiconductor, optical, medical device, pharmaceutical, LCD , PCB and SMT.

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  • Cleanse mop called dust mop, clean mop, twist mop water, mop head using superfine fiber cloth, dropping from casual or not! High strength stainless st

  • Dust-free cloth is made of 100% polyester fiber. It has soft surface, easy to wipe the sensitive surface, no friction, and has good water absorption a

  • Sole cleaning machine is a kind of all kinds of uneven soles are wiped clean, let a guest visits private slippers no longer public, avoid cross infect


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