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Introduction of detailed product knowledge of dust free cloth

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Airlaid Paper, also called dry paper nonwoven dust-free fabric (Airlaid pulp nonwovens), is a dry nonwovens nonwovens. The dust-free paper has unique physical properties. It is characterized by high elasticity, softness, touch and vertical sense. It has high water absorbency and good water retention property. It is widely used in health care products, special medical supplies, industrial wiping products and other fields.

From its English name, we can see the two main features of the dust free paper: first, the raw material is wood pulp fiber; the two is the use of air flow forming technology. The production process of nonwovens is mainly two processes of net forming and reinforcement. Two methods, chemical bonding and hot bonding, are mainly used in the production of dry process paper nonwovens. According to the different reinforcement technology, its raw materials and uses are different, the following are introduced respectively.  

1. chemical bonding

100% wood pulp fiber chemical bonding (fluffy pulp as raw material, loose) fiber by single fiber flow into the network, to spray water spray adhesive method to the fiber net surface, and then baking reinforcement into cloth. The main purpose of the products for industrial use wipes, women health supplies, baby wipes, wet towel, tablecloth and cooking cloth etc.. 

2. dust free cloth hot sticky method

Thermal bonding is mixed with hot melt fiber fluff pulp fibers, with the ratio of not less than 15%, the air flow into the network, and the web reinforcement into cloth by hot air or hot melt to low melting point fiber in the fiber web. Hot sticky nonwovens are mainly used as absorption cores for high absorbent sanitary products because they do not contain chemical adhesives, and their products have better fluffiness and hygroscopic properties. On the basis of this use, some of the

production lines are equipped with high absorption resin (SAP) powder. With the addition of polymer absorbent resin, water can become solid after water absorption, which greatly improves its water absorption capacity.

To sum up, dust-free paper is called paper, but it is essentially nonwoven.

Dust free paper application: semiconductor production line, microelectronic production, LCD display, LCD display, PCB production, PCB products, and laboratory dustless workshop production line.

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+86-769-8809 8086



Contact: Kaithy Chen | Sales Manager (Overseas)

Add:Room 201~204, ShangJia Urban Industrial Park, No. 83, FenXi Rd, WanJiang District, DongGuan, GuangDong, China (Postal Code: 523055)

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