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GUANGDONG SUOREC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD was established in 2001.It's more than 20,000 square meters with over 10,000 square meters allocated to Class 10/100/1000 cleanrooms,which are a specialized manufacturer of cleanroom consumable products.We offer customized cleanroom solutions to meet our customers ever evolving cleanroom requirement.Our products meet and surpass the highest standards for cleanroom consumable products industry and are approved and accepted by customers worldwide.


Five days and eight hour system, pay overtime pay according to labor law;

Package (accommodation, water and electricity, meals are exempt).

Company address: Huizhou City Yuanzhou Liang Wu Fu and industrial city Neijie Bai purification Co.

Company contact phone: 0752-6509555

Contact: Miss ray, human resources department

1. General ledger accounting:


1, secondary school or higher education, women, with accounting certificate;

2, skillfully operating the easy to fly ERP system, with the general accounting experience of the general taxpayer for more than two years;

3, familiar with the standard requirements of the new tax law and new accounting standards, skilled in operating tax declaration, exemption from return, the preparation of financial statements and vouchers.

Two. Receivables and cashiers:


1, secondary school or higher education, women, with accounting certificate;

2, proficient in the operation of the ERP system, with the work experience of the same post more than one year.
Three. Business merchandiser, 


Female, 20-32 years old, has more than one year working experience in business, business assistant and merchandiser. Skilled in operation of OFFICE office application software and ERP system, good image and good temperament.

Four. Foreign trade salesman


1, college or above, English level 6.

2, with the working experience of the same post, familiar with the foreign trade process.
Five, technical service engineer of textile industry:


With more than three years experience in the development and technical service of the related products of the textile industry.

Six. Quality engineer;


1. Not limited to men and women, quality engineers or quality management posts for more than 3 years.

2, strong communication ability, strong diplomatic ability and rich experience in dealing with customers.

3, proficient in quality management techniques, ISO9001 quality management system;

4. There is a certain basis for English.

Seven. Laboratory Technician


1. Work experience is unlimited, college degree or above, applied chemistry and chemical related major

2. It has the ability of chemical analysis, good computer application and a certain understanding of chromatography and spectrometer.

Eight. R & D assistant


1. College degree or above, skilled in using office application software

2. Experience in product research and development

3. Excellent graduates are also available

Nine, IT hardware technician


1. Familiarity with the nature and function of various types of switches.

2, the basic DOS command can be applied.

3, the weak power system (program control exchange system, monitoring system, fax, printing, network and so on) have rich maintenance experience.

4. It can be used to investigate the application of various windows systems.

5, there is a certain understanding of the easy fly ERP.

Ten.More than ten workers,


Junior high school education, physical health, gender is not limited, work experience is not limited.

Treatment: time: 1510 salary + overtime + attendance of 50, monthly salary of 3200 - 4000.

Piece: hard work, salary is 4000 - 6000

Eleven, more than QC: working experience in the same position

Twelve. Emergency security, 2


20-38 years old, more than 1.7 meters in height, work experience for more than one year in the same post, and a veteran with a veteran's certificate of veterans is a priority.

Treatment: 260 hours a month, more than 260 hours for 13.02 yuan / hour overtime (1.5 times)

Legal leave is 26.03 yuan per hour (3 times), and the monthly comprehensive salary is 3200-5000 yuan.

Thirteen. Driver


Familiar with the Pearl River Delta route, B photos, healthy, male 20-45 years old.


+86-138 2921 7651


+86-769-8809 8086



Contact: Kaithy Chen | Sales Manager (Overseas)

Add:Room 201~204, ShangJia Urban Industrial Park, No. 83, FenXi Rd, WanJiang District, DongGuan, GuangDong, China (Postal Code: 523055)

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